Cleansing gel with soft texture and relieving, cleaning, and restoring actions; formulated with Thermal Water and enriched with gentle cleansing actives that are respectful with the integrity of sensitive skin.

Soft, relaxed, renewed skin.

Remove make up or clean using circular movements with finger tips dipped in water. Next, remove it using a sponge that has been moistened with warm water.

Thermal Water, Soft cleansing agents and Hydrolysed Jojoba Esters.


Renovating exfoliator that acts without irritating sensible skin; gets rid of impurities through a gentle scrub effect.

Renewed, blemish free skin.

Exfoliate the face, neck, and décolletage to remove dead skin cells and activate cell renovation. Once the exfoliation process is finished, remove the remaining product using a sponge that has been moistened with warm water.

Thermal Water, Jojoba Pearls, Aloe Vera and Hydrosoluble Olive Oil.


Solution with relieving, cleaning, and restoring actions that provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and wellness to the skin.

Smooth elastic skin.

Tone applying it manually and tapping gently to aid the absorption process; relaxing, relieving, decongestive, and repairing effects will be achieved.

Thermal Water, Allantoin, Pantothenol, Seaweed Extract and SymCalmin®.


Exceptional serum with normalizing and ultra-relieving effects, developed exclusively for the sensitive skin to recover its comfort.

The skin becomes soft and smooth.

Apply using ATACHE’S exclusive massage for this type of skin, until completely absorbed.

Thermal Water, Milk Proteins, Hydrolyzed Soy Proteins, Seaweed Extract, SymCalmin® y Capparis Spinosa Extract.


Relieving mask that creates a protective film that prevent the appearance of signs of cutaneous stress.

Its exclusive formula protects the skin, leaving it flexible and comfortable.

Apply the Relieving Facial Mask HEALING MASK using a brush. Leave on for 20 minutes to allow the penetration of the active ingredients while providing purifying, regenerative, and relieving effects.

Thermal Water, Zinc Oxide, Avocado Oil. Jojoba Oil, Capparis Spinosa Extract, Seaweed Extract and SymCalmin®.


Balanced facial emulsion. Specifically created for the care of sensitive skin, with effects that are relieving, cleaning, restoring, and protective.

The skin is protected and relieved, providing an even and soft look.

Apply on the face, neck, and chest; proceed using a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed.

Thermal Water, Aloe Vera, Solar Filter, Capparis Spinosa Extract, Seaweed Extract and SymCalmin®.