Created using natural oils, it works as a decongestant, relaxant, is hypoallergenic and strengthens the eyelashes. On contact with water, the texture of TOTAL MAKEUP REMOVER becomes an emulsion which instantly removes all traces makeup whatever the kind, including water-resistant types. Perfect cleansing for eyelashes and eyes.

It leaves the skin with a smooth, soft feeling, free from any oily sensation.

Apply TOTAL MAKEUP REMOVER to the face, eyelashes and eyelids. Gently massage in with fingertips dipped in water until the oil becomes an emulsion. Remove and rinse using warm water and if required, with the aid of a cotton wool disc dipped in water.

Sunflower Oil, Carrot Oil and Wheat Germ Oil.


This oil and scent-free gel transforms into cleansing foam to remove makeup and eliminate impurities from the skin and leave it perfectly clean and fresh. It has been created using a combination of highly effective cleansing emulsions for the skin’s ultimate hygiene. Easy to rinse off, its texture removes excess oil, impurities and contaminants.

Once purified, the skin remains healthy, matt and even.

Apply MAKEUP REMOVER GEL to the face after washing, but before drying, with gentle circular massaging, until a soft foam appears, avoiding contact with the eyes. Leave to take effect for a few minutes and then, remove and rinse using warm water and if required, with the aid of a cotton wool disc dipped in water.

Extra Gentle Cleaning Agents.


A powerful moisturising toner which is highly effective for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Thanks to the combination of vegetable-based natural ingredients bringing back the utmost feeling of well-being to the skin. This formula finishes off the makeup removing process, protecting the skin’s own ecosystem.

Once moisturised, soothed and free from impurities, the skin regains all its suppleness and brightness.

To enhance the effectiveness of ESSENTIELLE range makeup removers, spray AQUA TONIC onto the face and neck; then lightly dab until absorbed.

Hamamelis Extract, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein and Allantoin.


Soothing the skin and restoring your beauty after hair removal is possible with DEPIL COMFORT. Regenerates skin damaged by laser hair-removal or IPL, thanks to its active principle, Hypericum Perforatum L Extract. Also it´s indicated to relieve, clean and restore the red skin after sun exposure.

Provides a unique fresh feeling that comforts the skin immediately.

Apply at least twice daily to the affected area, caused by any type of hair-removal technique or prolonged exposure to the sun during at least the last seven days.

Hypericum Perforatum L.