We reinvent cleaning and body exfoliation. A delicate foam that cleans and relaxes while the Jojoba pearls act as a natural exfoliator, leaving the skin soft and luminous.

Renews the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and revitalised. The use of LIGHT SKIN leaves the skin prepared to receive the CORPORAL CARE treatments, reinforcing their efficiency.

Apply the gel to the wet skin while bathing or showering using a soft circular massage for various minutes and moving in a clockwise rotation in the direction of the heart. For those areas where you want them to strengthen the exfoliation and relaxation action use hard sponge or glove. Use either daily or on alternating days depending on the skin type.

Jojoba Oil Pearls, Soy Proteins and V-Tonic.


A perfect combination of select ingredients that repair, protect and improve the elasticity of the skin, halting the skin aging process. A soft texture that respects all skin types with an exquisite aroma and a touch of freshness for a uniquely sensual experience.

The skin becomes soft, smooth and elastic.

Apply using a soft circular massage using a clockwise rotation in the direction of the heart until fully absorbed. Use daily.

Squalene, Jojoba Oil, Soy Proteins, Extract of Beech Tree Buds (Fitostimuline) and V-Tonic.


New generation formula: lighter, more penetrating. Boosts fat-burning and liquids elimination, re-shaping the body. Reduces volume, improve elasticity and provides softness. Visibly smoother texture and the body is firmer and toned.

The skin is firmer, smoother and better tone.

Apply once or twice daily using a soft circular massage with an upward motion. We recommend first cleaning and exfoliating the skin using our exfoliating shower gel “LIGHT SKIN” and keeping your body hydrated with “PURE SILK”. Includes an exceptional anti-cellulite massager.

Palmaria Palmata Extract, Phyco-R-75, Jojoba Oil and V-Tonic.